Information Security Services

Redefining your information security posture, safe-guarding your digital business

The technology landscape today is expanding and growing at exponential rate. This enables us to do things faster and better than before. With more advanced technologies, the more sophisticated cyber -attacks there are.

The challenge for every enterprise in this digital era is how to effectively react to ever-changing threats, evolving and complex compliance requirements and cost constraints, while enabling the enterprise to maximize the full potential of its information assets.

IT One helps many enterprises to safeguard their digital business. With our decades of experience, teams of specialists and experts in information security and highest standard in information security certification; ISO27001, we create the solutions which enhance the organization’s capabilities to transform security issues to desirable security stance.

Information Security Services and Solutions

Our Information Security services offer an extensive range of security management and information protection services and solutions. Our services can be grouped into three services groups:

  1. Governance, Risk & Compliance
  2. Identity & Access Management
  3. Cyber Defense