Cloud Services

A powerful, end to end, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud solution that transform you to be a cloud-enabled enterprise with an open, scalable multi cloud management platform.

IT One’s spectrum of Cloud Services covers:

  1. Defining, executing your cloud strategy and managing a modern, cloud-enabled IT Infrastructure
  2. Transforming how you deliver services to be more efficient and effective
  3. Creating a new class of applications engineered to leverage the hybrid cloud platform
  4. Migrating applications from traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud platforms


Key Benefits

  • End-to-End Technology: Comprehensive with cloud architecture and other validated and secured storage
  • Swiftly Catching Up with Rapidly Evolving Environment: Increasing an organization’s speed to become truly agile in responding to a fast-moving and highly competitive global marketplace
  • Secured Cloud: Improving your defenses and reducing risk with well-devised security solutions for and from cloud
  • Easy Start-up with High Cost Saving: Flexible pricing model with low total cost of ownership and back-end maintenance cost.


Managed Virtual Server Service (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

Managed Virtual Server Service provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative to a traditional managed hosting service with rigid pricing model on physical machines including Operating System day to day administration, monitoring, preventative maintenance, performance tuning and troubleshooting, including the underlying infrastructure, processes, tools and organization that support this environment.

3 Classes of services are available: Advanced, Standard and Basic.

SAP Infrastructure Service (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

SAP infrastructure service provides a “pay-per-use” pricing approach. Under this approach (“Utility Model”), client will be charged based on the specific usage of the service measured in Load Units based on type of usage, and a pre-agreed tariff rate per Load Unit used.

IT One’s SAP Infrastructure Service includes the provisioning of the SAP Infrastructure, Infrastructure Management service, SAP Service Management and Service Desk.

Managed E-mail Service (Software-as-a-Service)

IT One’s Managed Email Service is based on Microsoft Exchange. It is a premium mail service with the following features: Push-mail, shared calendar, anti-spam filtering and increasable mailbox size as required.

Enterprise Java Application Platform (Platform-as-a-Service)

Enterprise Java Application Platform provides the establishment, operation, and support of the Platform. The service is comprised of Java Web Application server, Web Application Load Balancer, Database Server (DB) and provides High Availability and high security across two data centers.

Enterprise Application Integration Platform (Platform-as-a-Service)

Enterprise Application Integration Platform provides clients with a carrier-grade integration platform to meet all data integration needs. The Service consists of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Management (BPM), and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).