Trading Business


Trading Business

The world is in rapid change with the catalytic combination of globalization and digitalization. Commodity trading industry is facing with challenges from lower competition barrier, constant shifts in consumer’s demands and expectation, higher digitalization in marketing channel and countless trading regulations. Those create the chasm that the organizations must leap across in order to become high performing organizations.

IT One has collaborated with many leading wholesalers and retailers in capturing the challenging trends and turning them into opportunities with our innovative solutions. By leveraging state-of-art technology and our expertise in the matter, we help our clients in turning the tide by:

Accelerating Growth with Reliable and Secured Infrastructure Platform

One of our clients’ major imperatives is to expand their trading operation throughout the region and ultimately, worldwide. It is essential that they need to expand enterprise IT infrastructure capabilities to support the immense amount of data volume and business transaction traffic from disparate locations.

IT One helps clients sort the matter out by establishing enterprise IT infrastructure strategy, integrating the concept of:

  1. Security – Applying ‘Secure by Design’ principle, security measures and processes recognized by ISO27001:2015
  2. High Availability – Ensuring the IT infrastructure operates with high availability and redundancy, ready the event of business interruption
  3. Scalability – Enabling the expansion of infrastructure capacity with IT One Hybrid Cloud in a timely manner

Accommodating Clients’ Growth with Value-Added Innovative Solutions

Over a decade, we have been collaborating with many of Thailand’s leading trading organizations in positioning their course towards being high performance organization. With our experiences and Accenture’s solid intelligence base, IT One comes up with innovative end-to-end IT solutions which support clients’ trading value chain from deal execution, commodity scheduling to financial and reporting. We also initiate the integration strategy that covers data integrating and application interfacing in both internal and external.

Unlocking Insights with Analytic Technology

The regional expansion and complexity of business model along with multitude of regulations generate mountains of data. The high performance organization is required to transform information to intelligence.

IT One has partnered with our clients in founding analytics solutions for better inventory management. We also help them uncovering the hidden trend from collected data which improves their decision making from mere guessing to analytics-driven.