S4 HANA, E-Ordering, and IoT Solution Implementation on AWS


Client Profile
Our client produces Methyl Methacrylate for use in the construction, automotive parts, electrical appliance and acrylic paint businesses. Plant operation modernization and optimization is part of their business strategies to modernization the business.

The Business Challenges
Prior to engaging ITOne on their transformation journey, the client had some key challenges to they needed address
  • Business visibility – Took several business days to gain insights into plant operations, specifically stock and inventory management
  • Sales process did not have defined KPIs related to speed and accuracy at which a sales person could generate a quotation with indicative delivery dates
  • Legacy applications – high maintenance and support; fragmented across production sites and warehouses
  • Large technical debt – complex PC based applications with no real time data synchronization scattered across production sites
  • Labor intensive – plant workers are dependent on centralized control and operation rooms; manual checks and balances
  • Product inventory control and movement dependent on 3rd party contractors to manage and organize
IT One Approach
Using modern cloud technologies and DevSecOp practices, IT One developed modern application solution that streamlined the client’s sales and manufacturing processes. Reducing the sales ordering process from days/weeks to hours and improving the safety of manufacturing operating through implementation of IoT technology.
IT One worked with AWS and Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) to co-create business relevant use cases and adopted AWS technologies/services that enabled IT One to build out and scale the application, leveraging on serverless architectures, supported by DevSecOp practices.
The program enabled the client to achieve strategic business goals and modernizing how IT services were delivered.
  • Real-time insights into production volumes, backlog, and stocks for sales
  • Production Process automation – removed manual checks and inventory management; reduce dependency on 3rd party stock management
  • Faster and more secured approach to application development and deployment
  • For the business, it enabled digital e-ordering, pivoting from traditional call center sales
  • For IT, the introduction of DevSecOps enables the team to create/ideate, test, validate, and deploy much faster and with better quality (months/weeks to days)