Real Estate Business

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Real Estate Business

With the intensive competition in the real estate market and global economic constriction, the real estate developers are looking for modern construction technologies by leveraging the sustainable digital solutions.

IT One partners with many Thailand’s leading real estate companies on their path to higher operation efficiency, productivity gains, and profitability.

IT Roadmap to Enable Sustainability

IT One, as a trusted advisor for our clients, plays a role in developing pertinent IT Roadmap for sustainable efficiencies throughout the business. The IT roadmap includes the forthcoming expansion strategy that helps in clients in tapping into new technologies.

Cost Efficiency Back Office Operation

IT One provides numerable implementation services to many of prestigious property development organizations. The implementation services cover:

  1. SAP ERP system to support back office in order to realize construction/rental cost and revenue as accrual basis
  2. SAP upgrades
  3. System integrations across business functions such as the integration of real estate front-end sales system or front-end rental system, Real Estate Insurance interface with insurance company.
  4. Full range and provisionable operation supports in both application and secured infrastructure.