Packaging Business


Packaging Business

One of Thailand’s leading packaging manufacturers is gearing towards expansion in both operation and market perspectives. They are looking for a sustainable and innovative approach that can help them achieve their business aspirations through technology.

The client has positive relationship with IT One, developed from our former collaborations on various projects. They acknowledge our extensive understanding in the nature of their business, our experiences in the industry-related IT solutions, and our full range delivery approach. With those in mind, the client, once again, appointed IT One to create a digital-enabled roadmap through:

Maximizing Growth Potential with Industry-led Digital Solutions

IT One utilizes our capability and experiences, our intelligence in the client’s business acumen, our experience in delivering industry-related solutions and our exclusive access to Accenture’s world class methodologies to design client’s imperatives-based solutions. The client and our dedicated professional team work closely to define working scope then proceed on to design, and implement the entire application architecture, aligning to client’s aspirations.

IT One transforms client’s requirements into a sophisticated suite of industry-specific application systems such as, Greycon, Kiwiplan,Roll Handling System and Roll Paper Automatic Warehouse, which in turn, transforms client’s production process to be more efficient, more systematic and more automated.

Besides cutting-edge IT applications, integration is also the pivotal point. In order to create the end-to-end IT solutions, we carefully put the integration capability into perspective, ensuring that applications are seamlessly integrated with client’s other systems and applications. The result is real-time information visibility between different systems with full system integration monitoring and control.

Robust IT Foundation with Comprehensive Integration and Compliance

With our end-to-end IT solutions approach, combine with our knowledge in client’s requirements and business nature, we consolidate and strengthen client’s IT groundwork with our SAP ERP Solution.

IT One positions our highly-trained SAP professionals and latest technology from SAP in delivering SAP solution that takes client’s further on their path to high performance.

Keeping in mind of our client’s requirement, IT One develops solutions and system designs which are fully comply with our client’s system policy and seamlessly integrated with client’s existing systems. This leads to a significantly minimization of double transaction and operational deficiencies caused by human error.

Our best-of-breed IT infrastructure plays a crucial success in our client’s path to high performance too. With our 24/7, well-maintained, well-managed IT infrastructure and ISO 27001:2015 certification, IT One ensures high availability of the system, business continuity and security.