Logistics and Freight Business


Logistics and Freight Business

IT One partners with one of the ever-growing Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) in Thailand that provides transportation locally and internationally. From our long-standing relationship, IT One is privileged to work with various prestigious companies and gain the insights on the imperatives of this particular industry. With the intensification of service expansion to carry the weight of globalized trading, logistics organizations undergoes the necessity for optimization and automation. As a partner of choice, IT One helps our clients to embark on digital-enabled journey to high performance.

With close collaboration, IT One helps our clients in the logistics industry in founding their IT cornerstone with the introduction of IT applications and infrastructure. Our clients’ imperatives-based solutions are built, engineered and implemented with:

  1. IT One’s well-practiced in capturing business requirements and a decade of experience in implementing and delivering industrialized IT solutions
  2. Our exclusive access to Accenture’s methodologies and accumulated experiences from delivering industry-related solutions to various companies worldwide.

Re-angling the Course towards Success with the IT Integration Cornerstone

With more than 6000 transportation vehicles to manage and wide-range of services to operate, our clients’ imperatives are focused in operation optimization with high visibility for the entire shipment lifecycle. In order to remain competitive and profitable in this ever challenging industry, high performing organizations must reassess their strategies by incorporating digital technology.

We have implemented and put in place the core advanced systems and applications which would make a difference in their operating efficiencies such as Transportation Management System, Dispatch Management Software-based applications and related SAP-based applications. The result is the increase in visibility, better service forecast and optimization, and revenue generation.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Business Operations with Application Supports

IT One helps many organizations in the logistics industry in addressing the rift in their legacy system and ensures that clients’ business operations run with no disruption with our application services. With our systematic approach and seasoned teams of applications supports, we help clients in bridging the gap between the legacy system and the modernized ones by providing and implementing the application modernization and optimization solutions. By either extending the useful life of legacy applications or converging to the modernized applications with custom solutions, clients are assured that their applications can support their business operations uninterruptedly.

Reliable, Secured but Nimble Infrastructure Platform

The nature of logistics business is an incessant operation with massive amount of information, scattered warehouses and transportation hubs. In order to stay ahead of the competition and cater to clients’ demand, solid and secured IT infrastructure is a fundamental instrument in doing so.

Through the help of IT One’s Infrastructure Services, we offer our clients a tap into the highest caliber of the essential IT infrastructure and dedicated teams of professional at a fraction of cost, thus, freeing up the investment to be focused on their revenue generating aspect. IT One works in close collaboration with many clients in the logistics industry and helps them establish comprehensive plans and implementation for sustainable and scalable IT infrastructure platforms which accommodate clients’ vision for growth.

Currently, we are supporting our clients with the secured network management, connecting more than 100 hubs, 10 countries across the region. We also provide the Enterprise Integration service to ensure that clients’ suite of application and infrastructure are fully integrated into powerful digital tools.