Helping Healthcare Providers Harnessing the Power of Digital


Many healthcare providers in Thailand are looking for robust a IT foundation and business-relevant IT innovation. The outcome is to operate with more efficiency in both clinical and administrative functions, which means providing services at a faster pace with increased accuracy, supporting patient safety, increasing operational efficiency and ultimately, boosting patient satisfaction.

Embracing the revolutionizing force of Digital and stepping into the next era of a technology-led life,  IT One has helped many of our prestigious clients in the healthcare industry harness the power of technology with our IT solutions through:

IT Roadmap Development Services to Enable a Robust IT Foundation

As a solid IT platform is the foundation for any IT-based solution, we are honored that leading public and private healthcare providers in Thailand trust us to be a part of their business growth by selecting us to apply our deep expertise and experience in leveraging relevant new technologies into our client-context-specific IT roadmaps. The IT roadmap is designed to establish foundational IT infrastructure, scalable application and enterprise data integration platforms, and information security frameworks.  These are all driving forces for improving our clients’ IT operations in the Digital Age. Currently, we are delighted to help our client, one of the largest hospitals in Thailand, to harness the power of IT and become a leading organization in their field.

Sustainable Back Office Operations


IT One is ‘The-End-to-End IT Solutions Provider” in the healthcare industry for many years.  Our holistic solutions are crafted to cover all aspects of clients’ operations, connecting all back office systems and interfacing with the front office system and extend to cover the support after go-live.  Clients also rely on us for support of their IT operations and on-going application enhancements to end-users. 

Strengthening Data Analytic Capabilities and Fortifying IT Infrastructure

As a trusted IT solutions partner, our clients have entrusted us to heighten their analytics capabilities.  We work in close collaboration with clients’ team to solidify their data analytics capabilities by establishing second-tier support for clients’ existing suite of analytics applications. 

Making the Leap towards Digital

IT One is proud to be the first IT solutions provider in Thailand to play a crucial part in the first-ever implementation of a single SAP-based platform for Hospital Information System (HIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  We collaborated with top-tier healthcare technology providers to bring this to life.  The system significantly simplifies the interface architecture, providing a leap forward in data integrity, one of the most valuable aspects of maintaining business continuity.  All information is in one single platform, consequently, creating a single source of truth for patient treatment, reporting and analytics.

We also helped our client to transition to mobility through enhanced ERP services with SAP Fiori and SAP EMR Unwired. By improving user productivity via a simple, appealing, user-friendly work environment, physicians can focus on key tasks and activities with ease, enabling patient care anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, the procurement process has also be enhanced to leverage the power of SAP Fiori, making it far more accessible to all authorized users.