Building Materials Business

Building materials & Real estate

Building Materials Business

As the global pricing in building materials commodity rises while the demand for products decline, building materials business must find themselves facing with the challenge on how to achieve the equilibrium point and stay afloat in the raging seas staggering market and global economy.

Technology and innovation remain the top catalysts in stimulating business and revenue growth with cost efficiency. IT One helps our clients in shaping IT solutions which improve their productivity gain, operational efficiency and global competitiveness through.

End-to-end IT Solutions

With our extensive capabilities and knowledge in client’s business imperatives, IT One transforms them to IT solutions with:

  1. Implementation of SAP ERP
  2. Implementation of innovative customized solutions on Supply Chain Management, CRM, E-commerce, warehouse automation and mobile solutions.
  3. ISO27001 Certified IT infrastructure and information security management system

ERP Consolidation for Revenue and Transparency Generation

In order to strengthen to client’s growth agenda, we collaborate with them in shaping IT strategies which are in alignment to their business growth strategies. One of the approaches to the higher business performance, IT One helps clients in bring together client’s disperse value chains and systems across their business with the innovative SAP ERP Single Platform which in terns helps clients in:

  1. Increase in client’s performance
  2. Increase in business visibility in the entire business units and functions
  3. Increase standardization
  4. Increase efficiency
  5. Cost reduction
  6. Business intelligence-driven decision making process

Acceleration of Business Mergers and Acquisitions

One of our main business imperatives of building materials industry is the expansion of business. We streamline the integration of multiple ERP systems into a comprehensive ERP system that will deliver business value while maximizing new capabilities and leveraging the existing ERP solution or rapidly start up new enterprise systems to support business spin-offs as required.