Application Implementation and Development

Wide-range of end-to-end solutions, tailored to answer your business's aspirations.

The technology landscape is continuously reinventing itself and the move towards Digital, requires a rethink in the way we do business. It is an organization’s priority to embrace the trend and unleash its full potential; let technology drive your organization’s growth in this Digital era.

At IT One, we work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their business imperatives by gathering and analyzing business requirements. With this information, we combine our extensive experiences, intelligent tools, insights and technologies to design, develop, test, and deploy applications which enable clients to achieve their business’ full potential.

Our end-to-end IT solution delivery capability enables our clients to:

  • Obtain access to our experienced IT experts
  • Reduce cost while increasing productivity through use of well design IT solutions
  • Adhere to the industry accepted IT security standards
  • Obtain application quality through use of proven technology specific application development methodologies
  • Access IT infrastructure platforms designed to align with availability targets
  • Obtain continuous support 24 hours a day 7 days a week from our highly-expert staff

With more than 15 years of experience and over 500 IT professionals, we are eager to partner with you to develop a sustainable IT solution to support your on-going business growth.

SAP Solutions

Harnessing the Power of IT

Over the past 20 years, we have seen the radical development of IT its impact on how we conduct business. One of the key players in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space is SAP.

SAP’s ERP solutions revolutionize business with the ability to integrate systems across various business functions, connecting stakeholders inside and outside of organizations. SAP’s suite of applications was developed to facilitate the flow of information across the entire organizations and with business partners, ensuring error-free transactions.

Why IT One

In Depth Experience

IT One embraced the power of SAP’s solutions since ever since our formation over 15 years ago, and has been a main player in Thailand ever since. One of our key achievements is the implementation of one of the largest SAP implementation in Thailand covering over 100 companies, with over 90 interconnected systems.

Awards Winning Quality

Quality is our top priority. Guaranteed by SAP Partner and Partner Excellence Awards for 2 consecutive years, we deliver SAP solutions that help our clients fully optimize and harness the power of SAP’s solutions.

Best-in-class People

Best-in-class People - IT One is capable of delivering complex SAP solutions regardless the size of the project. While it is great to be able to leverage world-class methodologies, the latest research, and cutting-edge technologies, it is better to also have IT professionals who are passionate about their work. IT One takes pride in our 500+ employees, more than 300 of which are SAP-skilled. With access to Accenture’s world-class methodologies, processes, and tools, combined with our own experiences and devotion to continuous improvement, IT One is ready to be your business partner on your journey to success.

Business Value

Implementation of the optimal SAP solution for our clients is just the start of our partnership. We unceasingly strive to deliver business value by also operating the solution, through flexible and cost-effective application and infrastructure outsourcing services designed to reduce total cost of ownership while increasing value realization, with committed productivity-gain and Service Level Agreements. End-to-End IT solutions: what you’re looking for is what we deliver.

Analytics Solutions

Gain Insights, Be Informed, Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Analytics Solutions


The digitalization world brings us the revolution in the way we do business. Creating mountainous data from all sources and structures, which are aptly named “Big Data”.

Our era is the era of information. There is approximately 2.3 trillion gigabytes of information are created daily in our world. Organizations that can harvest the data mine and convert them into intelligence will gain the key to unlock insights and become industry leader.

No More Gazing in Crystal Ball to See the Future

IT one grasps the importance powerful predictive analytics and our client’s business imperatives in being ahead of their competitors. It is our priority to bring distinctive Analytics Solutions that help clients fully harness the power of Analytics.

How can IT One Analytics Solutions help you with?

  • The ability to arrange and manage data
  • Providing cost-effective predictive analytics
  • Discovery of new insights
  • Improvement in decision making, reduction in human error in deduction
  • Getting to know client’s behavior like never before. Maximizing client’s best experience
  • The ability to identify opportunity in streamlining the business operations, such as optimizing supply chain management, spotting the area for cost reduction, pinpointing the marketing campaign that can boost sales, generating revenue, predicting stock inventory
  • The ability to identify the best investment aligned with your future growth

Why IT One

IT One brings distinctive solutions that help clients fully harness power of Analytics through:

  • Fully Integrated SAP Technology Platform with IT One’s Cloud Infrastructure – Supporting clients in hypotheses validation through proof of concept, utilizing business intelligence, in-memory analytics and mobility.
  • Integration of SAP Predictive Analysis with SAP HANA Platform – Enabling real-time predictive capabilities by leveraging big data to bring greater possibilities to help clients improve business performance.
  • Data Visualization Capability – With SAP Lumira visualization power combine with the mighty SAP Hana, clients are enable to uncover the trend in a highly visualized and compelling format that would help them make better business decisions.
  • Leveraging Accenture Innovation Center for SAP – By combining IT One’s expansive experience in Analytics and understanding in client’s business and imperatives with Accenture’s industry expertise with the latest SAP technology.
  • SAP Business Warehouse on HANA – A smooth transition from traditional Business Warehouse on their database to SAP HANA Platform, helping clients to harness capabilities in gaining predictive to prescriptive analytics ability.
  • Industry-Specific Experience – For example, optimizing the supply chain management for a trading company. Helping a resource company in turning data into insights and intelligence that assist them in making superior-than-peer business decisions.

IT One Analytics Solutions by Industry

1. Analytics for Retail

With all kinds of information flowing daily in to the business, whether they are customer’s orders, complaints, suggestions, or any other, what you need is more than a good data warehouse, you need analytics.

Digital-enabled world creates various channels for clients to interact with retailers. Clients expect the seamless buying experience across channels of interaction. Therefore, seamless retail experience is essential if retailers want to retain their foothold in the market place. They must focus on customization and maintain interaction with clients in every channel.

Analytics plays the crucial part in integrating the mined data across diverse channel and data management with sophisticated analytics program. The result is the holistic view of customers.


IT One helps clients in harnessing Analytics power through:

  • Building Customer Insights – Turning data into insights with Analytics. With those insights, clients gain more knowledge of their customer, uncovering the hidden pattern in customer behavior, thus, sharpening their competitive edge by providing seamless client experience across omni-channel.
  • Enabling Superior Decision Making – With Analytics, clients can take the holistic view of their entire business process and combine it with customer insights. The result is the intelligence that enables better decision making whether in supply chain management, marketing, sales and other functions.
  • Vivid Data Visualization – The information are presented in user-friendly dashboard makes it easier for data and trend analysis.
  • Real Time Business Intelligence – The high performance computing power of SAP Analytics bolstered by IT One’s powerful IT infrastructure enables clients to fully grasp the mighty of Analytics.

Combining the right digital and analytics capabilities, IT One takes our clients in value-added analytics journey with:

  • 360 customer view
  • Customer analytics
  • Digital Customer Experience & Social CRM
  • Digital customer portals & e-commerce
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Online market place
  • Pricing and segmentation analytics
  • Promotion analytics
2. Analytics in Healthcare

Embracing analytics solutions in healthcare will give you the insights you need to make the analytics-driven decision, thus, accelerating revenue growth and operation efficiency throughout healthcare ecosystem.

It is a healthcare provider’s priority to capture the digital sensation and become a pioneer in delivering intelligent healthcare service, heightening standard for patient safety and satisfaction.

IT One combines our experience and insight in nature of healthcare industry with related analytics technology to help clients with creating insights-driven business analytics solution.

We help our prestigious healthcare provider to stay ahead of digital landscape Analytics through:

  • Establishing Insights-Driven Business Model – IT One leverages Accenture’s best practices from the ever-growing healthcare analytics solutions as the way to help clients tapping into the power of analytics and establish analytics-driven decision making process for the organization.
  • Simple, Comprehensive and Innovative Solutions – With our end-to-end capabilities, IT One offers one-stop shop for healthcare analytics solutions that enables clients in improving their therapeutic quality, organization’s value realization and affordability for patients.
  • Collaboration with Leading Healthcare Technology Providers – From numerous successful projects delivered, IT One has teamed up with the key healthcare IT solutions and software providers. With our close collaboration, we wove it up with the right technology and experts for the right healthcare analytics solutions for our clients.
3. Analytics in Resources

Pursuing Analytics capabilities across the value chain can unlock new growth opportunities and address some of the key challenges for Integrated Resources Company.

IT One partners with many well-known organizations across the natural resources industry in creating their path to distinguishing analytics journey.

4. Analytics in Chemical

Changing global demand, radically different input economics, new advances in downstream industries (agriculture, electronics, transportation, clean energy, water) are forcing chemical manufacturing organizations to redefine strategies and reallocate capital across commodity, specialty, performance, applications and services.

  • Detecting shifts in markets to develop integrated, accurate and agile product planning
  • Increasing customer awareness and collaboration
  • Maintaining an agile & collaborative value chain
  • Reducing cost with increased resources utilization
5. Analytics in Building Materials

Cost reduction has long been one of the essential requirements for Building Materials industry. With the help of Analytics and Digital Solutions, leading organizations can take the cost reduction initiative with various insight-driven innovations such as:

  • Create a pull marketing mechanism using IOT, social media, analytics and mobility.
  • Initializing B2C-Centric approach by integrating customers as part of IT strategy.
  • Reducing cost by leveraging asset utilization
6. Analytics in Packaging

Managing a desired and well-defined balance between supply and cost of their input raw materials, exceeding customer expectations in product customization, and capturing new markets and demands to remain competitive and relevant. Those are some of the challenges that organizations encounter every day.

Analytics capabilities can help in addressing those business challenges, increasing operational efficiencies to maintain profitability and maximizing customer satisfaction.

IT One helps clients in harnessing Analytics power through:

  • Video Analytics
  • Predictive asset maintenance
  • Shutdown analytics
  • Contractor Turnaround Management
  • Predictive Corrosion management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Fleet analytics
  • Supplier performance analytics

E-business Solutions

“Increasing the Way Business Interacts Like Never Before”

Nowadays, every Business is a Digital Business”. There has been a significant shift from physical business interactive to electronic business interactive - a blurred line between physical and digital. It is not just to increase sales. It is also too establish your presence on digital world. With digitalization, clients can demand personalized content, personalized experience at the speed of light from the tip of their fingers. This is an opportunity to convert your company to be digital company to be relevant in this era of Internet of Things.

Would you like to embrace Digital business way and stay ahead of your competitors? Let IT One helps you in your digital quest.

The question is; would you like to embrace Digital business way and stay ahead of your competitors? If your answer is “yes, I would like to embrace the Digital business way.” Let IT One help you.

Why IT One

IT One’s E-business solutions are customized to address client’s challenge, help them set sail towards their goals. Our specialized professionals are skillful with well-known platforms such as Oracle’s Java or Microsoft’s .Net. We build a surefooted step by leveraging Accenture Delivery Methods for assuring quality from the starting point. We combine our industrialized approach, state of the arts assets along with IT professionals to deliver the finest quality of work.

As an ISO 27001 certified, IT One takes security matters seriously. We take a step further in securing the web applications as well as adhering to data privacy policy as part of the E-Business Solutions, along with IT One’s solid infrastructure that would enable you with the scalability and security.